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Silver pendant design July 28, 2012

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Another fun and successful course at Craft in the Bay in Cardiff. This time Janet and I were joined by Liz, Alison, Tanya and my step daughter Zoe. The course was run by Suzie Horan and again we were welcomed warmly. Suzie designs and makes some beautiful rippled silver jewellery and you can see her designs at
We started by being shown some simple techniques of imprinting with stamps, engraving with stencils and cutting with a saw. Suzie then showed us some ways of making the silver matt by rubbing with different coarse papers – like sandpaper.
We went off armed with a piece of copper to experiment.




We used the punch tool to make indentations and as a guide to drilling a hole for the link. We tried different abrasives to see the effect on the copper.



The sawing was tricky as you had to move the metal very slowly to make a curve. If you forced it just a little, you tended to get the saw stuck or it snapped.



When we had tried different techniques and decided what we liked and what worked, we sketched out on paper some of ideas.
Then it was lunch time and the majority of us had ordered food from Kemi’s cafe again and were saved a table upstairs with a great view of the Bay. It was a beautiful day, so we had a quick sit outside after we’d eaten with a cup of tea. Then it was back to the workshop and the piece of silver we were to work with was handed out carefully.
Now we had to decide exactly what we wanted to make! It was actually quite nerve racking in a strange way as we knew that this was it and any mistakes may have to be incorporated into the finished article!
The front of the silver was covered in a protective plastic so that any work we may have wanted to do to the shape, could be completed without accidental scratching. So we began filing or sawing until we had the shape we wanted. We also drilled the hole for the link while the plastic was intact and then it was time to engrave, punch or abrade the surface.
We all started with a similar silver shape but everyone had quite different ideas and it was amazing to see the pendants taking shape.







The following photos show some of the finished pendants. The photos were taken quickly with a phone camera before everyone departed! Everyone wore their pendant home and was pleased with the result!






It was a great day and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone! No skills needed. Book with friends or individually.


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