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Leather Handbags August 20, 2012

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Over this summer holiday, I have been making more leather handbags. I made my first two years ago after seeing one which I liked in a craft shop. I was pleased with how it turned out and it has worn well. I had a few comments and requests, so this summer I thought that I would do some more.

My original handbag

You need special leather sewing machine needles and a sharp cutter. I have also bought leather needles for hand sewing to add some details and some magnetic metal clasps which snap shut. Each bag is different as I don’t use a pattern but make a bag from the leather shapes.

A small shoulder bag with two buttons.

The small shoulder bag has been hand sewn and measures 18x13cm (7×5 inches). Inside it has the natural suede of the leather.

inside showing the suede contrast and the clasp.

The next two bags are similar, both have a heavy stone pendant covering the clasp.

This bag measures 24x22cm (9.5×9 inches)

This one measures 30×24 cm (12×9.5 inches)

Both bags are simple in style with only the natural leather lining and no pockets. The straps are attached with buttons.

Buttons attach the straps to the handbags

I have four more bags half done. Here is a glimpse to see what’s coming. I hope to have them finished by the end of the summer holidays.


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