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Stained Glass December 2, 2012

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I went back to Craft in the Bay last weekend, this time with Richard for his birthday present – two days of stained glass. Richard has read about this subject and has been meaning to give it a go since I met him 5 years ago. The original window that he wanted to glaze was in his house in Barry, but now there are two arched windows in our back door that he fancies doing. So I saw the course and decided that this might be what was needed to actually get a hands on feel and the confidence to start. Of course what also came was the experienced advice of the instructor, so now we know what Richard is getting for Christmas!
The pictures above show a mixture of his and my first attempts. We were given the template (cartoon) and told to start with cutting a circle. Richard’s was much better than mine! But we were actually pleased with our attempts and carried on choosing the next colour and cutting it to fit some of the various shapes of our cartoon. As the day went on, the cutting got easier and we began to hear the difference between a good cut and the differences between the different colours of glass. We leaded the window up and admired our work and went home pleased with our attempts. The following day we soldered the joints. I found it particularly tricky to control the amount of solder at first and my joints were not as neat as Richard’s. Then we started our next project, which was square based. We decided quickly that more colours were needed and we were quickly busy cutting the shapes. More time was spent now moving the colours around and deciding which to put where. The leading and the soldering were easier this second time round, particularly as the instructor lent us his soldering iron which was temperature controlled. This time I could feel that I was better. Richard, of course was fine and his previous experience showed!
We went home with two small windows each and are planning on integrating them into our door windows. I am getting Richard some equipment for Christmas and hopefully will have some pictures of our door to show in the new year!


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