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Quadblogging May 30, 2013

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Quadblogging, an innovation of @DeputyMitchell, is where 4 schools are put in touch with each other through the quadblogging website and agree to take turns in commenting on each others blog for a week at a time. The schools have all signed up and are allocated according to age range so you will be communicating with classes of the same age.

Quadblogging increases the traffic to your website, encourages the children to post on their blog as well as comment on others. It teaches the children about schools and children in different cultures, with different religions and even differences in school life. For example, the school in the US we were allocated were learning about Columbus Day and my children were fascinated about how America was found! (They also noticed how the spelling of certain words differed.) We took part in data gathering when our friends in Indonesia asked us how we travelled to school. How else would you ever gather such diverse data!

We looked at photos of other children on school trips, writing poetry, learning new things in maths, acting stories and having sports day! We shared enthusiasm about books and asked questions with children from England, Indonesia and USA.

The quadblogging exercise also gives ideas, videos, animations, apps, websites, data gathering for graph work, celebrations from round the world, photos, different ways of doing things you have been doing. It is a brilliant idea and we loved it. It is definitely something to be repeated next year.


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